We need a new way forward. We all know this—whether we’re on the left, on the right, in the middle, or completely checked out.

of by for’s mission is to get beyond parties and politicians and put everyday people front and center. We’re advancing a new vision for democracy that replaces partisan elections with democratic lotteries.

As our first step, this fall we’re convening The Citizens’ Panel on COVID-19, where 30 everyday Americans from all walks of will come together, free from all the politics, to find common ground on a way forward.

If you want to use your skills to captivate the public imagination about what democracy means and what an inspiring future of politics could look like for America, then this is for you.


We’re looking for talented, hardworking people who are ready to give their all in service of systemic change. You’d be working remotely with lots of autonomy as part of our small core team. We pride ourselves on being caring, courageous, humble, and creative.

About you

You're a strong writer with a track record of bringing brands' voices to life. You have your finger on the pulse of pop culture, politics, and the internet and you think through the lens of what is share-worthy.

You understand the unique sub-cultures and trends of different social media platforms. And you have a hospitality mindset that thrives on going above and beyond to delight fans and followers.

About the role

Your mission would be to to organically grow our social media following from scratch and bring our vision into mainstream discourse, with a specific focus on Twitter. Our short term goal is to generate a large audience for the premiere of our documentary on The Citizens' Panel on COVID-19 in January.

You'd be doing lots of 1-1 outreach and engagement that sparks conversations and builds relationships. And you'd be creating a steady stream of short form content, by responding to current events, that inspires and entertains.

About you

You thrive when building relationships. You excel at recruiting, training, and supporting teams of remote volunteers who come from all walks of life and all parts of the political spectrum. You know how to both set up infrastructure for scale and grow the leadership of others one-on-one.

About the role

Your mission would be to set up systems to grow our volunteer leadership. You'd be building and optimizing an effective ladder of engagement, designing and conducting onboardings and trainings, and creating internal resources.

You'd be creating and nurturing online spaces for volunteers to connect with each other and with the national team. And you'd be developing volunteers to take on leadership roles within those spaces.


A requirement for working with us is a commitment to putting democracy first, and putting your personal politics aside. You’d need to be able to work closely with people and groups who hold very different views from you on substantive issues.

This would be a contract position paid at $3,000 / month half-time and $6,000 / month full time.

To apply, fill out this short form explaining what role you want to contribute to, why you want to take it on, and why you’re the right person. We look forward to hearing from you. 🙂

For us to succeed in bringing America together, our team needs to reflect America. So we strongly encourage applications from women who identify as conservative and/or black, indigenous, or persons of color.