Help convene America's first Citizens' Assembly.

Inspire millions, help heal our partisan divide, and empower everyday Americans to point the way forward at this trying time.


We need a new way forward. We all know this—whether we’re on the left, on the right, in the middle, or completely checked out.

As of by for, our mission is to get beyond parties and politicians and put everyday people front and center. We believe America can and must heal its partisan divide and rise to the challenges of our time.

This summer, we’re taking the first step by convening America’s first national Citizens’ Assembly. It will bring together 100 everyday Americans to find common ground and point the way forward out of the COVID-19 crisis.

If you want to use your skills to captivate the public imagination about what democracy means and what an inspiring future of politics could look like for America, then this is for you.


We’re looking for passionate and talented people who want to volunteer 5-10 hours a week or step into a half- or full-time paid role through 2020 and potentially beyond.

You’d be working remotely with both lots of autonomy and collaboration alongside our team of three. We pride ourselves on being caring, capable, courageous, and humble.

Social Media Storytelling

You have your finger on the pulse of emerging platforms and pop culture. From reddit to Facebook to tiktok, you think in terms of headlines, hashtags, and memes. You see things through the lens of what is share-worthy and potentially viral.

Your mission would be to grow our following from scratch by setting up a presence on and strategically engaging every relevant social media platform. You’d be developing content, engaging with followers, and orchestrating campaigns in share-worthy ways that bring our story to life.

Media Outreach and PR

You know what makes the media tick and how to pitch journalists and influencers with precision and power. You research people thoroughly before reaching out and carefully cultivate and maintain the relationships you establish.

Your mission would be to generate earned media that spreads our story and grows our following. You’d be securing articles and interviews with relevant media outlets, handling inbound requests, and building those relationships. You’d be seeking opportunities everywhere to promote our thought leadership and bring our story to life in mainstream discourse.

Growth Marketing

You excel at designing experiments in order to optimize and maximize results. You are driven by data and know which metrics matter. And you write copy that converts.

Your mission would be to continually test and optimize all parts of our onboarding funnel to bring more people into the fold. This includes our social media ads, landing page, and follow up emails. Ideally you’d also focus on driving more traffic to that funnel by developing a relevant SEO strategy.

Distributed Organizing / Volunteer Coordination

You excel at activating, training, and supporting teams of remote volunteers who come from all walks of life and all parts of the political spectrum. You know how to set up infrastructure for scale and how to also grow the leadership of others one-on-one.

Your mission would be to set up systems to grow our volunteer leadership. You’d build and optimize an effective ladder of engagement, design and conduct onboardings and trainings, and create internal resources. You’d develop and lead spaces for volunteers to connect with one another and with the national team, and develop volunteers who can take on leadership roles within these spaces.


You’re passionate about being process-driven and detail oriented. You like making sure things are in order, and that all the i’s are crossed, and the t’s are dotted (that was a test 😉). You take pride in keeping a team synced, organized, and efficient. And you love finding the right tools, providing the right support, and holding others accountable to what needs to get done.

Your mission would be to maintain and improve our key organizational processes. You’d set up and maintain a financial bookkeeping system, oversee our tax filings, and make sure we’re doing everything right per our nonprofit status. You’d also look for ways to expand and improve upon our general workflow as a team.


A requirement for working with us is a commitment to putting
democracy first, and putting your personal politics aside. You’d need to be able to work closely with people and groups who hold very different views from you on substantive issues.

This project is grounded in a spirit of generosity and service. We offer living wages for all involved consistent with grassroots nonprofit rates.

To apply, fill out this short form explaining what role you want to contribute to, why you want to take it on, and why you’re the right person. We promise to respond to every message and we look forward to hearing from you. 🙂

For us to succeed in bringing America together, our team needs to reflect America. So we strongly encourage applications from women who identify as conservative and/or black, indigenous, or persons of color.

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